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Hi I’m Dr. Will Mitchell and I’ve just learned some breaking news you need to hear. Because a shocking study just crossed my desk...

...and this paper exposed the truth about the world's most popular supplement, taken by 1 in 5 americans. Im talking about fish oil.

You may have been told that fish oil is good for your brain, heart, and joint. You may have been told that fish oil is just as healthy as fish. And that you don't need to eat the recommended 2 servings of fish a week

You may even have been told that "Omega 3 Fatty Acids" - the key ingredient in fish oil - can stop heart disease. Well if you've been told that...

You've been lied to!

That's because "Omega 3s" failed a very important heart promise, according to a recent shocking study. I'm going to expose the truth today.

And yes, what I have to say will rattle a few cages. I don't expect the fish oil companies to throw a parade for me. But you deserve to hear the truth.

But I'm not just going to sound the alarm...because I've also uncovered good news.

New science has also revealed a "HIDDEN OMEGA" locked inside fish. And it turns out that when you combine this HIDDEN OMEGA with Omega 3s, you the world's most complete fish oil.

In fact, studies show the HIDDEN OMEGA supports
healthy arteries AND healthy blood sugar!

That’s why I had to share this. As a doctor, I see too many people who struggle to maintain healthy blood sugar. Too many people who can’t get their heart numbers in check. So when I saw this new research, I knew I had found a blessing that could help ease their health worries.

So please listen carefully, because you’re about to discover a fact that very few people know about yet. Even many doctors are still in the dark.

You see, when I’m not treating my patients, I teach other doctors around the globe about nutrition and nutritional supplements ...and often they haven’t even heard of groundbreaking new research. They’re just too busy to keep on top of it all. That’s why they hire me to come and teach them.

But this information is so important, that I’ve decided to make it available to you, right now, for free. So please read carefully to the end.

Now, let me admit right up front that I’m a big fish oil fan. I take it every day.

Why? Well, I know the nutrients in fish protect my heart. After all, I traveled in Japan and I saw first-hand what a fish-rich diet does for heart health.

But to be honest I don’t eat fish twice a week like I know I should.

That’s why I love my fish oil, because it gives me a healthy dose of Omega 3s.

But when I saw this new study , I almost spit my fish oil out!

Some headlines even accused fish oil as the “New Snake Oil.”

Here’s the news: A group of researchers recently asked a pretty basic question:

“Do Omega 3 supplements lower
your risk of heart disease?”

After months of crunching the numbers, they got an answer...but not one that anyone wanted to hear...not me, not other doctors, and especially not supplement companies.

Because the answer was a resounding “NO – Omega 3s don’t lower your risk!”

And the scientists were thorough. They combed through the health records of 68,680 people. Some of those people took Omega 3 supplements every day, just like me. Others didn’t.

Here’s the shocker: The people taking the Omega 3s didn’t have healthier hearts. They can keel over from a heart attack or stroke just as likely as the next person.

This shook my world, especially since I’ve been preaching the gospel of fish oil for years.

Here I was, telling people to take fish oil to keep their hearts healthy...and then I discover this!

And I wasn’t alone. Many doctors have been pushing fish oil for years. Even Big Pharma rushed to profit from it.

They put a mega-dose of Omega 3s in a drug called “Lovaza.”

(And in another shocking twist, Lovaza may actually increase your “bad” cholesterol!)

So what’s the truth?
Are Omega 3s useless?

Well, let me make 2 facts clear:

  • Fact # 1: We need Omega 3s, and the only way to get them is through diet. Our bodies can’t make them on their own. That’s why they’re called “Essential Fatty Acids.” Omega 3s help to wash away bad fats and calm inflammation. They even get incorporated into our brain tissue.
  • Fact # 2: Dark fatty fish like salmon – the best source of Omega 3s – do protect our hearts. The research is clear on this.

Like the study that tracked 85,000 women over 10 years. Some of these women ate five or more servings of fish per week. And this made their doctors happy. Because these ladies had significantly better heart health over time, compared to those who didn’t eat much fish.

But, as we’ve seen, Omega 3s CAN’T be the only nutrient in fish keeping your heart in tip-top shape.

That’s because dark fatty fish is bursting with many beneficial nutrients. Nutrients that scientists are only beginning to understand...

...but now, a few pioneers have shined a spotlight on one of these nutrients. And today, I’m going to reveal its power to you.

I think of it as the “HIDDEN OMEGA.” Because until just recently, it’s been a secret known only to a few specialized researchers.

Pretty soon, I predict, it will be on the lips of most Americans. But for now it’s still a mystery to all but a select group of people. Today, you’ll be one of them.

I’m dying to tell you what this “HIDDEN OMEGA” is, and what makes it so special.

But to avoid confusion, first let me be clear on what it’s not:

It’s not newfangled Omega 3 oils made from Krill, Squid, or Algae. These trendy supplements are just another source of Omega 3s. And we now know Omega 3s aren’t enough.

It’s not “old wine in a new bottle” like “gummies” or other chewable fish oils. These just add sugar you don’t need!

And it’s not CoQ10, Resveratrol, or any other additive artificially injected into fish oil...

In fact, there’s nothing artificial about this HIDDEN OMEGA. It’s found naturally in dark fatty fish, which is why it’s so powerful.

It turns out that it was hiding in plain sight...smack in the middle of the original research study that launched the fish oil industry nearly forty years ago.

This groundbreaking study exposed why certain Eskimos enjoyed super-healthy hearts. It turned out they enjoyed lots of Omega 3s from their fish-heavy diet.

Sure enough, when this news hit the press, people raced to get more Omega 3s into their bodies. And supplement companies rushed to fill the need, selling Omega 3 supplements by the acre.

But in their mad dash to profits, they missed half the picture.

Because Omega 3s weren’t the only Omega in the Eskimo diet...

The Eskimos also had high levels of another Omega fatty acid.

It’s called “Palmitoleic Acid.” But it’s so important to our health, it’s also known as...

“Omega 7”!

And it’s the HIDDEN OMEGA inside fish but missing from your fish oil!

Omega 7 Revolutionizes Heart Health

Omega 7 is a game changer for your health. Why? Because studies show it supports healthy artery function. That’s what one famous doctor discovered to his amazement.

His name is Dr. Michael Roizen*. You might recognize him from the best-selling “YOU” health books he wrote with Dr. Oz.

Like me, Dr. Roizen is always on the lookout for new health breakthroughs. So when he saw the early lab research on Omega 7, he jumped into action. He put Omega 7 to the test in in a double- blind, placebo-controlled trial. This is the gold standard of medical research.

He recruited 60 people for the study. Half took an inactive placebo, and the other half took a purified form of Omega 7. Here’s the kicker: he told them not to change their diets one iota.

Only 30 days later, Dr. Roizen checked their blood. The Omega 7 group was the clear winner on all markers of heart health:

  • HDL cholesterol
  • LDL cholesterol
  • triglyceride count

...and even “CRP”, the vital measure of inflammation.

When he finished grading their “report cards”, Dr. Roizen grinned like a proud father.

That’s because he was blown away by the improvement in the Omega 7 group’s triglycerides and cholesterol! And it only took 30 days.

In fact, Dr. Roizen was so impressed, he now takes this same Omega 7 himself, every day, to keep his heart happy.

The most COMPLETE Fish Oil on the Planet

And here’s the best news. Now you can get this exact same Omega 7!

It’s called “PROVINAL”, and it’s the best studied Omega 7 supplement on the planet.

Dr. Roizen chose Provinal for his study because it concentrates and maximizes the amount of Omega 7’s.

At the same time, it minimize harmful fatty acids. These harmful fats appear alongside Omega 7 in nature.

So Provinal gives you all of the good but virtually none of the bad!

So my team at Primal Health secured a small batch of Provinal, to make available for you. Even more important, it’s the exact same dose that Dr. Roizen used in his study.

But as great as Provinal is, we didn’t stop there...

You deserve the most complete fish oil on the planet. That means a fish oil with both Omega 7 and Omega 3s.

Because even though Omega 3s aren’t enough by themselves, they are a very important part of your health.

And you may not be getting enough of them. Unless you’re eating dark fatty fish several times a week, there’s a good chance you lack Omega 3s.

So we hunted down my favorite source of Omega 3s: it’s called “Incromega.”

Here’s why Incromega is hands-down my top pick for Omega 3s:

  • It has the purest Omega 3s – Incromega’s “PureMax” technology concentrates and purifies the Omega 3s in a rigorous 7-step “molecular distillation” process
  • It blows away the competition. Incromega’s fish oil won the coveted 5-Star Rating from the “IFOS”, the international standards board for fish oil – the first fish oil to do this.
  • Safe for your body – it contains 10 times less mercury and PCB’s toxins than the international benchmark
  • Sustainably Harvested – it’s “Friends of the Sea” Approved, to keep the oceans plentiful for our grandchildren
  • Made in an FDA-Audited Facility – so you know you’re safely getting all the ingredients promised. Each batch is rigorously tested to make sure you get 100% of the Omega 3s promised
  • No nasty “fish burps” – Incromega removes the oxidative impurities that create unpleasant odors and tastes; and then packed under nitrogen to maintain freshness

In fact, the makers of INCROMEGA are downright fanatical about the purity of their fish oil. When we first asked if we could combine their Omega 3s with Provinal’s Omega 7...they refused.

Why? They are very touchy about what rubs shoulders with their premium-grade Omega 3s. They don’t want anything to spoil the purity of Incromega.

I totally understood. In fact, I’m glad they were so picky.

But we couldn’t take no for answer. You deserve a fish oil that has both Omega 7 and Omega 3s. We already had the best Omega 7 for you. Now we needed the best Omega 3s.

So we kept at it. We dropped a stack of research papers on their desk...scientific proof of the amazing benefits of Omega 7 and the outstanding purity of Provinal. They scrutinized our data with a fine tooth comb. We went back and forth, swapping mountains of paperwork.

Finally, after months, we convinced them. At last they gave their blessing to the “marriage” of these two powerful OMEGAs found naturally in fish.

Finally, I can proudly introduce...


The most COMPLETE fish oil on the planet!

Each Capsule of DuOmega contains:

  • 1.670 mg of Incromega's "best in breed" Omega 3s which include the two kinds of Omega 3s:
    • 1,000 mg of "EPA" Omega 3, that helps lower inflammation and flash out harmful fats
    • 670 mg of "DHA" Omega 3, that joins brain tissue for sharper minds
  • 220.5 mg Palmitoleic Acid Omega 7, the same kind and dose used by Dr. Roizen to get such great heart results

Click the Big Order Button Below to get the world's most complete fish oil supplement!

Super Charge Your Health

DuOmega super-charges more than just your heart health, too. Studies suggest that this "Mighty Omega Duo" can also:

  • Boost Your Brain - Higher levels of Omega 3s have been link to quicker reaction times
  • Fight "Brain Shrinkage" - one study showed people with higher Omega 3s in their blood slowed brain shrinkage compared to those with lower levels of Omega 3s
  • Melt Belly Fat - when combined with exercise, Omega 3 users were found to have slimmer tummies than those who only exercised
  • Comfortable Joints - Omega 3s may help keep joints healthy... think of it like an "oil change" for those achy knees
  • Diabetes Worries? - Omega 7 has been linked to healthy insulin function, a critical part of keeping blood sugar healthy.

Put simply... can you think of anything else you can do to protect your health... that's an easy as taking one single dose of DuOmega each day?

No question, we should all eat more dark fatty fish that's been baked or boiled. But when you can't, doesn't it make sense to take a fish oil supplement that has the most complete formula on the planet?

Exclusively Available to You

Now, you might expect a high price for DuOmega. And to be frank, we probably should charge a lot. With Provinal and Incromega, we’ve secured the finest sources of Omega 3s and Omega 7. And those premium ingredients don’t come cheap.

But we didn’t want DuOmega to be so expensive that only the ultra-rich could afford to take it every day. So we came up with a way to slash the price without compromising quality.

We decided not to offer DuOmega in stores. By taking out the middleman, we won’t have to jack up the price to cover all those extra costs.

So when you order from us directly today, you can lock in the low price of...

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Let me know what you think of DuOmega.

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And I don't think you'll want to go even a day without their heart-healthy nutrients.

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Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee

And you can try DuOmega risk free with our no-questions asked, 60-day money back guarantee. Here’s how it works:

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You can even take the bottle with you to your next doctor's visit to get their blessing.

Then you decide. If you’re not completely thrilled with DuOmega, send it back to us for a full refund. You can even send us back a completely empty bottle. That’s how sure we are that you’ll love DuOmega.

So if you’re going to take fish oil, doesn’t it make sense to take the most complete fish oil on the planet? The one that has TWO Omega’s working for you?

It really is the easiest thing you can do to help maintain a healthy heart.

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Still not sure? I totally understand. Let me share a few more Omega 7 "Health Wins" to help you decide:

Arteries free of nasty plaque!

In one study, researchers gave Omega 7 to mice. And not just any mice, but so-called “Apo-E” mice. These critters were bred specifically for arterial health studies.

Scientists gave Omega 7 to half the mice and a normal diet to the other half. 12 weeks later, they searched all the mice’s arteries for plaque development.

When they peered inside the arteries of the Omega 7 mice, the researchers gaped in astonishment. The arteries were clear and healthy! The researchers couldn’t believe their results, so they ran the study a second time, just to be certain. Sure enough, they duplicated the same results.

Healthy Arteries and Healthy Blood Sugar

Omega 7 scored big again, this time for healthy blood sugar. I loved hearing this news, because I know how important healthy blood sugar is. In fact, if I had a magic wand that could give you one thing for your health, it would be healthy blood sugar. It’s that important, because it affects nearly everything in your body.

So I grinned when I saw this next study...

In the study, scientists studied people who ate macadamia nuts. Why macadamia nuts? It turns out these luxury treats contain high levels of Omega 7.

In two different studies in Japan and Hawaii, scientists tested people who ate a “macadamia nut diet.” Not surprisingly, these nut-lovers enjoyed healthier cholesterol and triglyceride levels after getting so much Omega 7 from their diet. That confirms what Dr. Roizen found in his study on Omega 7.

But even more impressive, these nut-eaters showed better insulin control. And good insulin control means great news for healthy blood sugar.

A "Control Switch" for Arterial Health?

What gives Omega 7 its “superpower” to help keep your heart happy?

Well, Omega 7 is known as a lipokine, a hormone-like “control switch”. It helps control how fatty acids, like cholesterol, form in your body.

In essence, it can turns fat production ON or OFF.

Omega 7 can tell your body: “Break down that deadly fat!” Especially fat like triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. These two baddies can spell big trouble.

Because when they roam your bloodstream, they clump together and impact your arteries.

That’s why doctors badger you about your cholesterol and triglyceride numbers. But they’re not the only numbers doctors worry about...

The simple number that predicts heart health

This critical number is “C-Reactive Protein” or “CRP.” Put simply, CRP measures inflammation. Here’s why it matters:

Some inflammation is normal, healthy even. Your body turns inflammation “ON” to heal you. Like when you cut your finger. Inflammation triggers that familiar swelling, redness, and soreness. And that’s good, because it means your immune system is rushing repair crews to the injury.

Once the healing’s finished, your body turns inflammation “OFF.”

That’s how it’s supposed to work, anyway. But for too many of us, our inflammation switch gets stuck in the “ON” position. That spells trouble and throws your CRP out of whack.

CRP is so important to heart health that One Harvard scientist thinks your CRP should be checked first before any other number. This scientist, Dr. Paul Ridker, says imbalanced CRP spells more worry for your heart than even high cholesterol.

How does our “inflammation switch” get stuck? Lots of things: Pollution...a high sugar diet...lack of exercise...free radical damage...the list goes on.

But the good news is that Omega 7 helps support a healthy CRP. The Omega 7 group in Dr. Rozien’s study lowered their CRP on average by a huge 44%. They went from a "high risk" CRP to "medium" in just 30 days.


Still more questions? No Problem! I've got answers:

"Is DuOmega safe?"

Yes – remember that these Omega fatty acids are found in nature. Of course, as with all nutritional supplements, it’s a good idea to check with you doctor, especially if you’re taking a blood thinner like Warfarin. Simply take your bottle with you to your next checkup, and if there’s any concern at all, remember that you’re covered with our 60-day money back guarantee.

Plus, we source and process DuOmega in pristine surroundings.

First, the raw fish oil is harvested from natural-sourced deepwater fish.

Next, this fish oil is processed in top-of-the-line plants that follow “cGMP” or “current Good Manufacturing Practices.” These are the strict guidelines issued by the FDA. In fact, the makers of Incromega also make pharmaceuticals, so they have to pass even stricter guidelines.

Last, the two key Omegas are combined in the premier gel capsule manufacturer in the U.S. that has also passed strict FDA audits.

"Can't I just eat fish?"

No question, eating dark fatty fish can be the best source for these nutrients, as long as:

  • You buy fish that’s “lower” on the food chain, so it’s not contaminated with mercury.
  • You eat dark fish like mackerel, not “white” fish like cod or sole.
  • You eat fish that’s been baked or broiled, not fried.
  • You eat these fish frequently, in the range of 2-5 times a week.

Why? Well, remember I mentioned research that showed better heart health in women who ate fish...well, they ate this fish an average of 5 or more times per week.

And their health benefit only showed up with certain kinds of fish and with certain ways of cooking. For example, only baked or broiled fish showed a health benefit. But fried fish actually had the opposite effect!

And only dark fatty fish like salmon and mackerel showed the health benefit, but white fish like sole and cod did not.

And unfortunately, not even all dark fatty fish are safe. Tuna, as you probably know, can carry high levelsof mercury and other toxins. That’s because it’s so high on the food chain, so it scoops up all the bits of mercury eaten by the smaller fish.

And farm-raised solutions just don’t cut it. Have you ever seen farm-raised salmon...before they add in the pink coloring to “fake” the healthy look?

Hands down, you want toxin-free, dark fatty fish, like wild-caught King Salmon or deepwater anchovies.

But the reality is not all of us can or want to eat these on a daily basis, which is why I recommend supplementing with DuOmega, the most complete fish oil on the planet.

“Where does the Omega 7 in Provinal Come From?”

Our Omega 7 is harvested from deepwater anchovies, a small fish swimming in the pristine waters of the southern Pacific Ocean.

Why anchovies? Two reasons.

First, they contain high levels of Omega 7 without toxins like mercury. Because anchovies are tiny and “lower” on the food chain, they don’t scoop up the toxic levels of mercury like Tuna does.

Second, these anchovies swim in abundant numbers, meaning that we can harvest enough and still leave plenty left over for future generations.

“Do I Really Need More Omega 3s?”

Omega 3s are “essential” – by definition. Our bodies need Omega 3s to function, but they can’t make them on their own. We have to get Omega 3s from our diet. But some of us don’t get enough.

And sure enough, people with more Omega 3s in their body are healthier. That's why some doctors now measure your "Omega 3 Index" - a scorecard for how much Omega 3s you have in your body. Those who score high in the "Omega 3 Index" have bigger brains and faster reaction times.

But not all Omega 3 supplements are equal - some are rancid, giving you nasty "fish burps." Or loaded with filler ingredients to "bulk out" the pill.

But not Incromega's Omega 3s...

This isn't just any Omega 3 fish oil. It's processed for purity and safety from toxins like mercury. Incromega enjoys a coveted "5 Star Rating" from the most respected 3rd party review board for fish oil, the International Fish Oil Standards group or "IFOS." In fact it was the first raw fish oil to receive the highest rating.

That's because each drop of Incromega undergoes a 7-step molecular distillation process, called "Pure-Max," to strip away harmful contaminants. In fact, Incromega exceeds industry benchmarks by a factor of 10 for mercury and PCB's.

Not only that, Incromega is "Friends of the Sea" approved because the source fish are sustainably harvested, meaning there will be plenty left around for future generations. That's good news for our grandchildren.