Triflexarin provides fast-acting and long-term effects for maintaining healthy joints. A unique combination of ingredients work together to improve joint comfort, mobility, and flexibility for people with occasional joint pain associated with physical activity.*
***** 5.0 Stars
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Triflexarin combines 6 compounds for superior joint relief!

Get ready for a new era of joint comfort.
Formerly, the joint-relieving champs were glucosamine and chondroitin. But they’ve had to relinquish the crown to Triflexarin®, which contains the patented collagen supplement UC II ® along with 5 more compounds that, working together, provide superior joint relief.
Just look what’s in this remarkable formula…

Reliever #1: Undenatured Collagen Type II (UC-II)

UC II was invented by Dr. Eugene Moore, who worked day and night to find a solution for his daughter, whose joint discomfort was inhibiting her ability to participate in normal activities.
Dr. Moore uncovered promising studies on chicken cartilage, a substance that contains the same amino acids found in the structure of human cartilage.
The studies showed that a small amount taken daily could help balance the inflammatory responses that typically are at the root of joint stiffness and discomfort.
The problem was that the benefit was small. But Dr. Moore soon determined the potency was being diminished by the heat and chemicals used in the processing.
He set to work to improve the manufacturing process in order to achieve the maximum benefit. And that’s how "undenatured collagen type II" was born.
Dr. Moore’s daughter was the first test patient. After taking the new compound, her condition improved almost immediately. And the relief was dramatic.
Today, Dr. Moore’s undenatured collagen is patented as UC-II and is available to the public in Triflexarin®. Since it was introduced, numerous studies have confirmed its superior effectiveness.
In one study, UC-II improved joint comfort over baseline by 39%. In another study, UC-II showed an average of 26% improvement.4 In yet another joint-health study, UC-II showed a 33% improvement over baseline.2
Study after study confirms it – UC-II is the new champ for joint comfort. In every study it significantly outperformed both the control and glucosamine and chondroitin.
But the Triflexarin formula doesn’t stop there, because it adds 5 more joint-relieving compounds.

Joint Reliever #2: FruiteX-B® Calcium Fructoborate

FruiteX-B® helps promote normal joint repair at the cellular level by providing boron. Without sufficient boron, joint tissue and cartilage can’t get the support they need for healthy function.
According to a recent placebo-controlled study, patients usually feel soothing relief within just 7-days of starting FruiteX-B®.
Study participants reported less joint discomfort, reduced stiffness and increased mobility, plus improved flexibility and better range of motion.
Joint Reliever #3: Ginger Rhizome

Ginger Rhizome is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can substantially reduce muscle and joint discomfort after physical activity.
In a study at the University of Georgia, researchers found that taking ginger rhizome daily reduced exercise-induced pain by 25%.
Ginger Rhizome has also made headlines lately for its ability to mimic pain-killers like ibuprofen. And according to recent research, it can be as effective as aspirin for treating minor pain, but a whole lot safer.
Joint Reliever #4: L-Selenomethionine

“Selenomethionine is an essential trace mineral that functions both as an amino acid that aids tissue repair and an antioxidant that helps control the body’s inflammatory responses.
But these benefits are often lost in the common form of selenium because it is not well absorbed. That’s why Triflexarin contains the superior form -- L-Selenomethionine -- which is better absorbed, and thus may deliver a much more effective dose.
That’s important because antioxidants counter the daily assault of free radicals, which left unchecked can contribute to conditions that lead to joint discomfort.
Joint Reliever #5: Turmeric Rhizome

Turmeric Rhizome has been used since Biblical times as an anti-inflammatory agent.
The key ingredient in Turmeric is Curcumin, a natural anti-inflammatory that inhibits free radicals. Its highly documented track record of taming inflammation is the reason we included it in this revolutionary new joint formulation.
Turmeric has been called a wonder root, and you’ll understand why, once you try this unique formula, which you can do risk free today.
But first, look at the final ingredient in this revolutionary new joint-soothing formula:
Joint Reliever #6: Boswellia Serrata Resin Extract

Boswellia Serrate Resin extract has been used as an anti-inflammatory agent for centuries in both Africa and India.
It’s typically used to support joint functionality and movement, as well as to reduce occasional discomfort linked to exercise and phyical activity.
Researchers have discovered that Boswellia Serrata Resin Extract can switch off pro-inflammatory cytokines. By addressing inflammation head-on, which is at the root of joint discomfort, it is a powerful nutrient for joint care.
Best of all this superior formula is all natural and contains no glucosamine, which many people cannot tolerate.

For better, faster joint relief, order TriFlexarin® risk-free today!

UPC: 196852691173

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Servings Per Container: 30

Directions: Adults take 2 capsules once daily.

% DV
Selenium (as L-selenomethionine)
200 mcg
Tri-Exa™ Joint Blend
  Ginger rhizome, Turmeric rhizome,
  Boswellia serrata resin extract
800 mg
UC-II®† Standardized Cartilage
40 mg
10 mg
Calcium fructoborate (FruiteX-B®^)
220 mg

*Daily Value (DV) not established.

Other Ingredients: Rice flour, gelatin, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, and silica.

Contains no egg, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, soy, wheat, gluten, sugar, or preservatives.

†UC-II® is a Lonza trademark.

^FruiteX-B® is a registered trademark of VDF FutureCeuticals, Inc. U.S. Pat. Nos. 9102700 and 9962399.


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TriFlexarin Reviews

Felt better in 5 days!

“In just 5 days after taking TriFlexarin, I felt so much better in my joints! The movement in my right arm feels much better. I would highly recommend this product!”

Diane D.

It works for me!

“Not long ago, I was unable to complete a workout because of my joint discomfort. A friend recommended I try TriFlexarin. I started taking it twice a day, and after about 3 weeks I began to feel better. The other night I was out to dinner with friends and I realized I was pain free. TriFlexarin works for me!”

Jane S.

I keep ordering it again and again

“I read about TriFlexarin and decided it might help my joint discomfort. I ordered a three month supply and believe me, I ordered another and another. It began helping almost immediately. I’ve been taking it for over a year now. It’s wonderful when one gets relief from something such as TriFlexarin. It is also easy to get the product. It is delivered right to my door.”

Thelma M.

My wife and I love this product

“I ordered a supply and noticed a huge difference in how my shoulder tenderness had been reduced. I also noticed my hands and fingers were not as stiff and did not feel puffy in the morning. My knees and elbows were not as tender.”

“My wife began taking TriFlexarin as well and noticed her hip felt a lot better. We both are believers in the product. Taken every morning with several other products from Primal Labs.”

Craig H.

*Results may vary.

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