T-Supply Max

T-Supply Max provides an herbal approach to increasing testosterone and improving male libido and performance.

The Ancients' Secret to Being a Sexual Powerhouse

With the T-Supply Max triple whammy of nine, all natural, time honored ingredients …
… you give her everything she desires – and much more.
From the Indian Ayurvedic tradition, six herbs revered for their beneficial effects on male sexual health.  Tested and documented see: http://maypro.com/products/virilastt to show positive effects on your:

  • Sexual desire*
  • Sexual function*
  • Sexual satisfaction*

Together these magical herbs work to:

  • Increase your 'man hormone' testosterone levels*
  • Support your circulation
  • Fuel sexual desire*
  • Relieve the occasional stress which can affect your sexual performance*

Next - from Indonesian and Malayan traditional medicine – is the potent Eurycoma longifolia
As well as increasing your desire, Eurycoma longifolia also supercharges your energy and stamina … promotes blood circulation … and boosts your testosterone.*
Finally, Bulbine natalensis - a South African herb long used in traditional African medicine. 
Preliminary research See http://www.bodybuildingwarehouse.co.uk/supplements/bulbine-natalensis/
 has shown positive results suggesting that using Bulbine natalensis may enhance your libido, increase your natural testosterone and reduce estrogen.*
Together for the first time ever, the eight herbs in T-Supply Max are guaranteed to skyrocket your sexual desire and performance.*
Put them to the test for yourself.  And if you don't agree they're the best sex-boosters you've ever tried, we'll give you your money back.*



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