ImmuniCor Plus

ImmuniCor Plus features EpiCor, a natural complex produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae (bakers yeast) that has been shown to promote a favorable balance of intestinal flora, as well as healthy intestinal function.* Clinical studies also indicate that EpiCor supports a robust but balanced immune response, especially during seasonal challenges.* ImmuniCor Plus includes zinc, selenium, olive leaf extract and vitamins D and C to further support a healthy immune system.*
***** 5.0 Stars
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Whole food breakthrough means super immunity all year long

Imagine for a moment if year-round you had a “secret weapon” clinically shown to boost your body’s immunity power.

Sound good? It’s now possible with a whole food immunity booster found in ImmuniCor Plus.

In seven human clinical studies, its main innovative ingredient has been shown to…

  • Increase a key part of your body’s natural defense, secretory immunoglobulin A
  • Reduce serum immunoglobulin E
  • Significantly reduce symptoms during high pollen counts

Plus, ImmuniCor Plus includes zinc, selenium and Vitamin D-3 and Vitamin C to offer additional support for strengthening your immune system.