Smash-It! (Chocolate - 15 servings)

Smash-It! is a delicious high-protein, non-GMO and gluten-free nutrient infused shake scientifically formulated to help you fix "toxic" fat cells and manage your weight, support your already healthy blood pressure, and maintain healthy blood sugar.*

Smash-It! is your best choice to get leaner, healthier and stronger.*
***** 5.0 Stars
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Why this is your best supplement to get leaner, healthier and stronger*

Fix “toxic” fat cells and manage your weight, support your already healthy blood pressure, and maintain healthy blood sugar.*
Smash-It! contains 25 grams of slow and fast-digesting QuadSource Protein Blend.
QuadSource is a mix of hormone-free whey, casein, pea, and cranberry seed proteins - all working together to help you:

  • Feel fuller – and for longer*
  • Curb your cravings*
  • Build and maintain lean body mass*

And with just 8 grams of low-glycemic net carbohydrates … only 1 gram of sugar … 5 grams of fiber … and 9 grams of MCT-rich healthy coconut fat … Smash-It!  will:
“supercharge your fat burning ability and metabolism - all while boosting your heart health and supercharging your energy levels”.*
What's more, to make Smash-It! the ultimate fat burning shake, it also contains the essential amino acid L-leucine.*
Hard to obtain through a regular diet, L-leucine is key in helping you minimize lean muscle loss - common while losing weight and aging.*
    And it enhances your metabolism.*
But that's not all ...
In every serving of Smash-It! you also get the clinically studied Spectra blend.   A powerful combination of 29 fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs delivering targeted antioxidant protection against today’s most harmful free radicals.*
And to ensure you get the maximum benefit …
… there's also two gut-soothing blends of probiotics and digestive enzymes.  And prebiotic fiber.*
Together these keep your digestion smooth, enhance immune function and help you better digest nutrients.*
We guarantee Smash-It! Is your best choice to get leaner, healthier and stronger.  Try it for yourself – if you don't agree, we'll give you your money back.*

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